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Are you concerned about what will happen to your pets after you pass away? Setting up a pet trust with the help of a skilled pet trust lawyer can ensure that your pets’ needs are taken care of, even when you can no longer care for them.

What Is a Pet Trust?

A pet trust is an estate planning vehicle that provides specific instructions for your pet’s care, food, shelter, and resources after your death or incapacitation. The trust can also hold financial resources that your loved ones can use to provide for your pet after your death.

While you could include instructions about your pet in your will instead of creating a trust document, doing so could leave your pet without the necessary care for some time. Wills must go through probate, which can take several months. In the meantime, your family members may be unsure how to provide for your pet.

Creating a pet trust enables your family members to bypass probate and begin caring for your pet immediately after your death. You can also set up your pet trust to go into effect if you become incapacitated, ensuring no lapses in care for your furry friend.

Who Should Create a Pet Trust?

If you meet these two criteria, a pet trust could be beneficial for you:

  • You are unsure what would happen to your pet if you died or became incapacitated tomorrow.
  • You want to ensure a comfortable future for your pet after you can no longer care for them.

Even if you assume a specific family member would take care of your pets after you die, things may change after your death. Your pet may be overlooked in the busyness of planning your funeral and distributing your assets.

We like to tell our clients that it doesn’t hurt to be over-prepared. Even if you think you may not need a pet trust, creating one now can give you peace of mind that your pets will be in good hands.

What Should Your Pet Trust Include?

According to pet trust laws in Maryland, you can include a pet trust in a revocable living trust, in your written will, or as a stand-alone trust. Keep in mind that your pet is considered personal property under Maryland law and does not have the same rights as human beneficiaries. Your pet trust lawyer can help you use specific language to create a valid pet trust.

You should include the following in your pet trust:

  • A designated caregiver and a backup caregiver for your pet
  • Money in the trust fund to provide for your pet
  • Specific instructions about their food and medications
  • Contact information for your veterinarian
  • Instructions about caring for the pet, such as walks or grooming schedules
  • Any other pertinent information

Be sure to discuss the responsibility of caring for your pet with your designated caregiver before assigning them to this role.

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