How to Protect Your Home and Life Savings in Maryland book cover

Learn How You Can Establish Plans to Preserve Your Autonomy and Your Assets While Protecting Your Loved Ones 

People have different reasons for embarking on an asset protection strategy. Whether you want to protect your life savings from being eaten away by the cost of long-term care, want to protect assets for vulnerable family members, or just want to ensure that loved ones are provided for properly, we review some steps you can take to give you peace of mind. In this free guide, you will learn how you can stay in charge of your medical care and avoid family conflicts and the need for costly guardianship proceedings if you should become incapacitated. We review the benefits and limitations of wills and other documents you can use to ensure your estate plan covers the full range of needs and reduces the burdens on your loved ones. You’ll learn how different types of trusts can be used to bypass the probate process or protect minors or achieve other goals. We also explain how you can develop a workable plan to pay for the high costs of long-term care. Finally we show you how to evaluate your existing estate plan to determine whether it is time for an update.