Do Your Estate Planning Now and Help Our Community in the Process

We’re giving 10% of new estate planning fees to the Baltimore Washington Medical Center Foundation

Giving back to the community is important to everyone at Chesapeake Wills and Trusts. That’s why we’re donating 10% of the fee we receive from every new estate planning client who retains us through June 3 to the Baltimore Washington Medical Center (BWMC) Foundation.

The BWMC Foundation is currently overseeing and coordinating all COVID-19 related community donations of supplies, hand-sewn masks, and meals for front-line workers. The Foundation needs our help. Doing your planning now not only protects you and your family, it also supports medical professionals serving on the front line during the COVID-19 crisis.

Estate planning is more important now than ever. To get started on your plan, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Even if you choose not to do any estate planning now, we hope you’ll donate to the BWMC Foundation. It has created the COVID-19 Response Fund specifically for this purpose. If you would like to support the Foundation’s efforts, please consider a gift to the UM BWMC COVID-19 Response Fund. You can learn more, make an in-kind donation (supplies, hand-sewn masks, a meal), and make an online donation by clicking on this link:


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The mission of Chesapeake Wills And Trusts is to help families understand their options and make informed decisions.

Our attorneys focus on the needs of older adults, which are often different and more specific than the needs of younger adults. We can help you find answers to difficult questions, the kind that keep you up at night, such as:

  • Is there a way to make sure my assets will go to the people I want, when I want, in the manner I want?
  • How can I protect my assets against lawsuits, creditors, the high cost of long-term medical care, and other threats?
  • If I need to enter a nursing home, how will I pay for it? Will my spouse be forced to move out of our home?
  • If I become incapacitated, how can I ensure someone I trust will have authority to make financial and medical decisions for me?
  • What should I say in my will to make sure my wishes are carried out? Do I need a trust?
  • I’ve heard that probate should be avoided. How can I make sure my family won’t have to go through it after I pass away?

We can help you find solutions to issues like these and many more. We have experience handling a wide variety of complex legal matters, including estate planningasset protectionMedicaid, probate, business succession and litigation, and more.

We invite you to explore this site to learn more about who we are, what we do, and how we can assist you and your family. If you like what you see, why not attend one of our free, educational workshops to find out more? We welcome the opportunity to get to know you and design a plan to protect everyone you love and everything you own. Let’s talk soon.



Don’t believe the perception that trusts are only for wealthy individuals.



Plan common sense decisions like allocating funds to spouses or children, guardianship of children and other basic instructions.



With proper estate planning, trusts can save costs and hassles of the probate process.

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