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If you need nursing home care now or in the future, did you know that Medicare won’t pay for it? With the costs of nursing home care or assisted living, most people wouldn’t be able to afford more than a few years of paying for extended care through private pay. Applying for Medicaid is many people’s best option to get the late-in-life care they need.

A Medicaid applications lawyer at Chesapeake Wills & Trusts can help prepare and file your Medicaid application and manage your assets to qualify. From the moment a lawyer takes on your case, they will begin assessing the value of your assets and explaining qualifying Medicaid programs. Contact Chesapeake Wills & Trusts today to schedule a consultation in Glen Burnie, MD.

Understanding Your Eligibility for Medicaid

Qualifying for Medicaid is a complex process. Maryland has a five-year look-back period, meaning if you transfer assets from your name into a trust or to a beneficiary, you must do so more than 60 months before your Medicaid application, that transfer could result in a Medicaid penalty, costing you and your family even more of your life savings.

Maryland’s income and asset limitations to qualify for Medicaid are as follows:

  • Single applicants: $2,500 asset limit, income cannot exceed the cost of nursing home care (all income must go toward care, excepting an $84/mo. personal allowance and monthly spousal income allowance)
  • Married applicant, one spouse applying: $2,500 asset limit for spouse applying, $148, 620 for non-applicant spouse, income cannot exceed the cost of nursing home care (all income must go toward care, excepting an $84/mo. personal allowance and monthly spousal income allowance)

How To Prepare and File Your Medicaid Application

If applying for Medicaid for long-term care, you can do so in several ways, including the following:

  • Online using MDTHINK from the Maryland Department of Human Services
  • In person or by mail to either
    – The Long Term Care Bureau if you live in Baltimore City, Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, or Prince George’s County
    – Your local Department of Social Services (other counties)

How To Create Your Estate Plan To Prepare for Nursing Home Care

A Medicaid applications lawyer with Chesapeake Wills & Trusts can help you plan to qualify for Medicaid by creating and moving assets into a Medicaid Protection Trust. The firm’s attorneys have the experience necessary to improve your eligibility for Medicaid and help you complete your application according to state requirements.

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More Questions? Download the free Medicaid book, “Nursing Homes Don’t Have To Cost You Everything: The 7 Medicaid Mistakes To Avoid” by clicking here.

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