How Hard Is It to Contest a Maryland Will?

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As a person creating your estate planning documents, you have a vested interest in ensuring that there are limited chances for someone to challenge the validity of these documents in the future. It's important to remember when working with a knowledgeable Maryland estate planner, contesting a Maryland will can be a complicated process if you

What is a Maryland Trustee Really Expected to Do?

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Putting together a trust is a smart move from an estate planning perspective. But before you schedule a meeting with your Maryland trusts and estate lawyer, consider how the role of trustee affects the management of your assets. A trustee plays a key role in handling your trust distributions and possibly even working with beneficiaries.

What is a General Versus a Limited Power of Attorney in Maryland?

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Are you thinking about putting together a power of attorney in Maryland? Or have you been advised by someone that this is an important document to help protect your future? A power of attorney within the state of Maryland can be either limited or general in nature and it is important to know which of

What Are the Cornerstones of Asset Protection?

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As you go throughout your life and plan ahead for your future years, asset protection becomes important alongside your estate plan. Having built your life or even your business in Maryland, you must think about how your own accumulation of wealth and assets might be perceived by others. In looking at your total financial life,

Reasons to Use A Trust Instead of or in Addition to a Will

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Planning ahead for your own mortality can be scary, because not only do you have to think about your own death but also you will need to articulate these thoughts into a legal document. However, estate planning is an important step in being able to protect your inheritance and your intentions. There are important differences

Can a Trust Really Be Used to Protect Your Spouse?

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All families have to deal with the complications of life and unexpected challenges can how much effort you put into your planning. But by working directly with an estate planning lawyer to ensure that your documents are properly drafted, then there is no need for additional complications, confusion or frustration such as those that occur

Three Reasons 2019 is the Year for You to Put Together a Trust

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If you didn't already know that trusts help to provide you with additional privacy in the estate planning process, an estate planning attorney could tell you that these are some of the most valuable strategies available today. Two major reasons for putting together a trust in 2019 have to do with the the goal of