Is Your Financial Support Plan in Place for Your Spouse?

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If you created a will that gifts some assets to your children or grandchildren but haven’t taken the time to determine what’s in the best interest for you and your spouse in retirement, you’re not done planning. The loss of a spouse can be a devastating and overwhelming experience for you or your spouse. If

Four Steps to Creating a Will in Maryland

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Many people are under the impression that a will is unnecessary, particularly if they assume that they do not have valuable or enough assets. The truth is that everyone needs a will, and creating one now makes things easier for your beneficiaries. Creating a will in Maryland is best accomplished by sitting down with an

For What Reasons Can Someone Challenge My Maryland Will?

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The Orphan's Court in Maryland reviews wills to determine whether or not they are in compliance with state laws. A will is legally valid when it meets all the terms and requirements of Maryland law. In the event that this analysis finds that the will was properly executed, the will's terms will be carried out

How Does Asset Protection Planning Fit into My Maryland Estate?

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Within the context of your overall estate plan, asset protection is an additional service that you can benefit from when partnering with the right lawyer. These are legal strategies and techniques used to shelter your personal financial assets from possible creditors. These should always be used in conjunction with more traditional estate planning techniques, such

What to Know About Using a Revocable Trust in Maryland

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Whether or not a revocable living trust is the right tool for you depends on your desires, needs, goals, exposure to estate tax and liabilities and capabilities. One of the most common misconceptions around using a living trust in Maryland is that creating a revocable living trust automatically governs all of an individual's assets. In

What Occurs When a Living Trust in Maryland Is Contested?

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Establishing a living trust in Maryland is a task undertaken by people who intend to transfer ownership of their assets and properties such that this can be more effectively distributed to beneficiaries or heirs after they passed away. Can Revocable Trusts Be Contested in Maryland? A revocable living trust, also known as a living trust,

What Are Fees That a Personal Representative Can Charge in a Maryland Estate?

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As a beneficiary of a recently opened Maryland estate, there’s no doubt that you will have questions about the important role that a personal representative plays in closing out the estate and getting paid for his or her time. These fees are in addition to fees to close out the estate in MD. Everyone who

What’s Involved in Estate Administration in Anne Arundel County?

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Estate administration in Anne Arundel County refers to the formal process through which ownership of your assets passes from you to your beneficiaries. Every state has their own procedures in place that dictate what happens after a person passes away, and Maryland is no different. The person managing the administration of your estate will look

Why You Need To Plan For The Possibility Of Alzheimer’s Before You’re Diagnosed With It

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Talking about your long-term care wishes and your money can be difficult enough, but when these come up in the context of helping a family member who is suffering from memory loss, time is of the essence. The development of Alzheimer's disease can have many different ripple effects throughout your family. There are four critical

How Hard Is It to Contest a Maryland Will?

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As a person creating your estate planning documents, you have a vested interest in ensuring that there are limited chances for someone to challenge the validity of these documents in the future. It's important to remember when working with a knowledgeable Maryland estate planner, contesting a Maryland will can be a complicated process if you