I’m the Personal Representative for Probate. How Do I Find The Assets?

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When you become the personal representative of an estate, one of your functions is to locate the assets of the decedent. If the decedent was well organized and had an estate planning binder, that's the first place to start. Well organized the state planning binder we'll have all of the important papers, as well as

Four Steps to Creating a Will in Maryland

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Many people are under the impression that a will is unnecessary, particularly if they assume that they do not have valuable or enough assets. The truth is that everyone needs a will, and creating one now makes things easier for your beneficiaries. Creating a will in Maryland is best accomplished by sitting down with an

What Are Fees That a Personal Representative Can Charge in a Maryland Estate?

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As a beneficiary of a recently opened Maryland estate, there’s no doubt that you will have questions about the important role that a personal representative plays in closing out the estate and getting paid for his or her time. These fees are in addition to fees to close out the estate in MD. Everyone who